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A redefined approach into real estate & interior design
What We Are Doing
Kelvin & Frank Reid is a unique integration combining two intelligences: Interior Design and Business Space. Created from the passion of two individuals, Kelvin and Frank have merged their skills and competences together to respond more appropriately and effectively to corporate, commercial and industrial clienteles. Kelvin specializes in workspace strategic planning and Frank, also director of F2D & Associates, sculpts space.

We believe in reshaping and redefining a new approach to deliver a more advanced level of service in workspace planning. Understanding client's business needs, we have the expertise to craft work environment and unlock your real estates values. Yet, our philosophy is to think outside of the box and we aspire to go beyond this traditional relationship to understand customers’ needs and expectations in order to deliver highly functional solutions. 
Based in Singapore and in Malaysia, our past and on-going interior design projects have also reached out to US, UK, Australia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Our team has acquired experience in managing various project size and nature of work. Our previous clients and partners are from diverse industries such as media, advertising, banking, aviation, import, export, oil petrol, insurance, electronics and retail.
Why Choose Us
Strategic Planning

To determine the space needed, we are no longer based on the rule of thumb. We analyze and define your workspace straight from the beginning by incorporating your inputs and our interior designers. We are enlarging our vision on how to plan your workspace in a strategic and smart manner. 

We believe that a good and open communication is the key to successful collaboration. Internal and external communication within our team is vital to understand customers’ needs and expectations. You and our interior designers speak the same language and share the same vision to pursue your ultimate goal satisfactorily.
Long Term Solution

We are living in a dynamic era, constantly evolving, which is reflected in your surrounding work environment. Yet developing a new office involves a mid to long term planning. By coming together, we strive to respond to these changes by offering long term solutions from a return on investment and interior design perspectives.
A distinct formula for a vibrant team
Kelvin Chiang
Co-Founder & Director
Frank Chen
Co-Founder & Director
Doreen Tay
Office Executive
Candie Yeoh
Business Development Manager
Yvonne Wong
Sales & Marketing Manager
Amandine Millot
Client Solutions Manager
Carmen Marro
Chief Designer
Dave Wong
Senior Interior Designer
Tay Yiyin
Interior Designer
Sharon Cheah
Interior Designer
Interior Designer
Li Wan Ying
Interior Designer
Valen Mart
Interior Designer
Li Jia Xin
Interior Designer
Lim Shiou Pyng
3D Visualizer
Chau Hui Ming
Graphic Designer
Chou Tein Wai
Contract Manager
Wong Ying Le
Quantity Surveyor
Ronald Quintos Javar
Project Manager
Ryan Chen
Project Manager
Jang Su Yen
Senior Project Executive
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